Our purpose as a church is to love God and to love our neighbors (family, friends, community, strangers). When we are able to do this we can reach a generation for Jesus Christ.

Fort Worth Harvest Church seeks to reach and touch people who are wanting a "real" encounter with the Jesus of the Bible. Our doors are open to people from all walks of life. 


Our Mission:

To Know Christ and Make Him Known.

Fort Worth Harvest Church of Greater Riverside

We believe that there are 5 things you need in order to be successful in your walk with the Lord.

1. You need to grow stronger through worship. This means showing up on Sundays at our 10:30am worship celebration service as we gather with other believers to lift up the Name of Jesus.

2. You need to grow deeper through discipleship. This simply means connecting with a midweek group, connecting with an online bible study, or going through a study with a group of members that will keep you accountable and learning about your faith.

3. You need to grow warmer through fellowship. We all need each other. That is why is important for you to have a home church. A place where everyone knows your name and becomes your family. Christian fellowship keeps the love and fire of Christ burning inside of you.

4. You need to grow broader through ministry. We don't want you to occupy a seat.....we want you to BE the church by serving. This may mean greeting people, helping out teaching a class, or with the music ministry. Being part of something keeps you from walking away from it.

5. You need to grow larger through evangelism. God has called each of us to share our faith with people. This is done through life-style evangelism, servant evangelism, doing big events, and much more. God has chosen to partner with us to reach people with Good News.

Committing to these 5 things will cause you to become a successful Christian who loves God and loves others.